The Case for LED retrofits – NOW!

An old television commercial famously urged Canadians to get cracking on home improvements with the slogan, ‘Why wait for spring – do it now!’ Mississauga businesses considering a LED retrofit would be wise to heed that time-honoured advice. Upgrading office and warehouse spaces with LED fixtures now will bring huge cost saving advantages. There is no time like the present!

Cost is the key argument favouring a retrofit. Switching from fluorescent tube lighting to flat panel LED lights saves consumers over 40% on their energy bills. Furthermore, the healthy lifespan of reliable LED lights – running into the tens of thousands of hours - means the fixtures will not require expensive maintenance, or early replacement.

LED lighting improves office morale and work performance. LED lighting is brighter and, by imitating natural sunlight, it increases energy, mood, and vitality.

Safety – particularly in warehouses – is another compelling reason for a retrofit. Because it is brighter, LED lighting can highlight dangers to workers, like uneven floors and other hazards that cause slips and falls. Because it does not need to be replaced often, LEDs do away with risky ladder work. And the brightness of exterior LED lighting can deter criminal activity.

Getting There from Here
Getting There from Here

The savings and safety benefits make a LED retrofit a sensible choice. The process starts with a free consultation with a qualified LED retrofitter. The specialist will discuss your goals and audit current usage and expenditure on lighting.

Hydro bills will be analyzed, and a study of the facility made to measure lighting levels. A census will be made of fixtures. This includes logging the operational hours of your facility.

It is then possible to determine what kind of LED lighting can be installed to replace the existing lighting, taking into account brightness, distribution and light colour. Specialized software enables an accurate calculation of savings for the facility.

The audit report with provide the necessary information on the capital cost of switching to LED lighting, the annual savings that will accrue, and the amount of rebates available.

Retrofitting More than Lights!
Retrofitting More than Lights!

Governments everywhere are working to reduce the numbers of carbon-emitting vehicles on the road. Their replacements - electric vehicles - need EV Charging stations. Workplaces should take this into account when going green with LED retrofits.

There are a number of advantages to having on-site EV charging stations, starting with your employees. Car manufacturers are moving quickly now to convert to electric vehicles and the ability to charge their cars at the workplace will be a consideration by prospective and current employees.

EV charging stations can earn a business LEED points, helping you meet your sustainability goals. It is also a way of adding revenue. They will also build customer loyalty; EV stations will be expected by them in the near future. Including EV stations with your Mississauga LED retrofit will enable you to stand out from your competition – now.


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